Saturday 17 Mar 2018
Five Star Concierge Overview

Five Stars, a recognized symbol of excellence. When staying at a five star hotel, each guest is treated as a personal friend of the staff. They know your name, they are trained to know your needs, they are empowered to serve you! The concierge is the person that guests and staff alike rely on for help and information. The concierge takes pride in offering limitless service. Too bad you can't bring them home at the end of your stay ...

Now you can! Five Star Concierge is a personal service business, designed to fulfill your day-to-day needs at home and the office. We specialize in the same personalized attention and service found in your favorite hotel. We act as your personal assistant on an hourly basis for as long as you need us. Five Star Concierge is a full-service company offering customized services to busy people throughout the greater San Diego area.

The word "concierge" means "servant." We take our name seriously. Five Star Concierge is available to established clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An advantage to having Five Star Concierge on call is that our clients are billed only when services are received. It's like having an additional family member, trusted friend or neighbor. The confidence of knowing that your needs are being attended to by your personal concierge can be very satisfying. And you'll be pleasantly surprised at the cost. Our service is more affordable than most people think!

Licensed -- Bonded -- Insured

We have created this service specifically to meet the needs of busy familiessenior citizens, and small businesses.

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